for THE manufacturer who wants to penetrate the french market

Our categories include the sweet but also the salty such as appetizer cookies. We prefer to be specialized rather than scattering ourselves to ensure our efficiency.

All French distribution requires all their suppliers to be at least IFS certified.

Each client has specific expectations when it comes to ingredients and logistics. It can therefore be very difficult to navigate, but we are here to help you in all these steps.

To meet the requirements of French large retailers, we are looking, on the one hand, for copies of the leaders in a clean label version or with a more efficient nutri-score at the most attractive price possible. On the other hand, qualitative and innovative products sought after by distribution.

for THE manufacturer who wants to penetrate the markets outside of francE

Export opportunities depend above all on your personal goals. However, thanks to our office in Montreal, we are already established in North America. We also sell to UK, Japan and Africa.

Essentially long shelf life products (5-6 months minimum for North America and 12 months for Japan).

Usually we ask you to deliver to the port (Le Havre or Marseille) then we take care of the rest.

Each country has its specificities that we manage for you. You should know that some countries are more difficult to access than others since the requirements are more important like the United States for example.

for THE distributors

Yes it is possible but it is necessary to be able to commit to a volume of approximately 50,000 units for the creation of a new packaging.

For now, we have certain products distributed in Africa, the United Kingdom and Canada but we are actively seeking to develop our exportations !

We work with French manufacturers for typical products and with European manufacturers for other products.

It depends on the products, we have some packaging already printed in bilingual (French / English) on the facing and we have other products where only the list of ingredients is written in several languages. But since each country has different labeling standards, we can work on developing a packaging just for you.

Yes on most of our products. For example, we are the only ones to offer a Breton alcohol-free bar to meet the expectations of halal consumers.

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