Our services

OUR expertise

For 20 years, we have been working between suppliers and French retailers. Over the years, we have developed incomparable knowledge and know-how in our industry.

It is thanks to our expertise that AB Foods is a credible partner for both the French distributors and the foreign manufacturer.

Our skills

French distribution is known to be demanding for foreign companies, in particular with regard to specifications, banned ingredients and logistics. Thanks to our skills, the foreign manufacturer will have access to the development possibilities and the requirements of French large retailers without having to invest in a local structure.

Our sourcing skills

The distributor can entrust us with sourcing and calls for tenders with the assurance of having a complete response in line with the specifications.

Our know-how

Our light structure, our IFS High Level certification since 2014 and our communication efficiency allow us to offer an optimal service for the manufacturer as for the distributor.


The assurance of a credible partner

AB Foods is already in contact with all the French distribution and a current of business with 80% of potential customers.

Effective support

Information on all the requirements expected by distributors allowing an appropriate response to calls for tenders.

Administrative and logistical follow-up

AB Foods ensures the drafting of specifications, logistical and administrative follow-up.


Offer more possibilities

Foreign manufacturers are reluctant to invest in the French market, which is considered complex.

Preselection of products meeting expectations

Ingredients - Presentation - Price. Guaranteed by 20 years of experience.

Full service assurance

Administrative - Logistics - Monitoring. Guaranteed by IFS High Level certification.


Typical products

Have access to French products that are already performing well in large retailers.

Preselection of products meeting expectations

Private labels or our private label possibilities.

Full service assurance

Administrative - Logistics - Monitoring. Guaranteed by IFS High Level certification.

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