Our possibilities

Microwave popcorn

You will find alongside a video demonstrating our unique packaging for our microwave popcorn. With its folding cup, the popcorn can be “popped” and tasted in its cup.
Available in salty and sweet.

popcorn free

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Our other possibilities

Our breakfast biscuits

Biscuits petit-déjeuner

Available flavors

Special children’s breakfast cookies (animal or alphabet shape) also available in the Chocolate Chip flavor

Available under the Siro brand or as a private label

Our cereal bars

barres de céréales

Available flavors

Flavors, formats and types of bar (muesli, crunchy, vegan, organic …) available on request

Available under the Muesli + brand or as a private label 

Nos popcorns

Popcorn salé

Available flavors

Popcorn available in different formats (microwave, cup, bucket) and in different weights